terça-feira, 12 de abril de 2011


Campaign against homophobia! All that support, love or know a gay person involved in this idea and declare that you are gay.
Regardless of age, sex, color, religion, and above all, regardless of sexual orientation, it is time to pass the following message out thewindow: # EUSOUGAY

For us to be seen and heard is simple:
1) Just as each of you, alone or with family, boyfriend, girlfriend,husband, wife, friend, girlfriend, chairman, president, take a photowith a poster, sheet, post it, whichever is more convenient, stampedwith the following message: # EUSOUGAY
2) Send this photo to your email projetoeusougay@gmail.com

All these images are used in a video montage will be released byYouTube and, hopefully, for festivals, forums, lectures, roundtablesand monitor several people who take all of us that love by invisible beings.

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